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mar 24, 2015

Octopress for jekyll blogging

After testing for some days Jekyll and for blog posting, I was missing some features of other CMS, so I started doing some search on how to automate many other topics while keeping simplicity on blog posting.

Octopress Makes this extra step so you can still focus on your contents and of course have a nice template as starting point with integrations for some social plugins, etc.

Setup is well done if you follow the provided steps, without jumping anything, in my case, I moved my old pages (plain jekyll + poole) to OctoPress.

On Fedora and as my unprivileged user, I did:

One of the interesting things it that it uses two branches on git, master and source, where master is the one that github publishes (your live environment) and source is the actual code for your blog, templates, posts, etc that are later generated, previewed and deployed from above steps.

I'll be testing it for a while to see how it works, but so far, so good.

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mar 16, 2015

Jekyll and MarkDown

For my work I've been using markdown for a while, it allows to use some formatting on the documents created (mainly for knowledge base and solutions) without too much hassle for the formating.

On the other side I was willing to improve the ability to make it easier to post new entries to blog without having to wait too much time, and of course, be able to prepare them offline and then push them live.

  • Using spip allowed me to focus on text without caring too much about formatting, the CMS is not hard to administer, maybe not as popular as wordpress, joomla lately, but definitely, good for the work it's intended to do, and not like traditional webpages.

  • Using blogger, formatting was also not a hard part, and being a good platform improved the availability of tools, but still required online access, and the firefox extensions for it, were still not convinging me for daily usage.

Yesterday, while I was reading some information about github, I got back to their 'hosting' solution ( and like the idea of pushing the code via git (I love the offline commit and later push of all changes), and started reading about Jekyll and Poole.

Jekyll and Poole enhance the creation of webpage posts using MarkDown with some automation for automatic generation of links, reusability of common elements, etc which creates a set of static pages, fast to serve, upload, etc.

I've also used Jekyll-Import to gather my old posts at blogger and I will still convert some of them to markdown and try to get back the auto-code coloring I had inplace (using external JS library).

Well, let's see how this goes and will try to implement some template to website not to use the standard one soon.

PD: This was being written while offline at the aiport on a trip to Helsinki ;-)

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